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Many bodybuilders believe YK11 is key to fast muscle growth with minimal side effects. Although YK11 is touted as a type of ultra-SARM, it is not approved, poorly researched, and could potentially be dangerous. The FDA issued warning letters regarding the dangers of YK11 (and similar research chemicals) in response to reports of toxic incidents.(1)

What are the possible risks? Continue reading to find out more.

Note: We strongly discourage the use of YK11 in any way. This drug is not approved and has been shown to cause serious side effects in limited research.

YK11 – SARM, Steroid, Or Both?

YK11 is a synthetic steroid modeled after DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a powerful hormone produced naturally in the body. DHT is a more potent form of testosterone form that binds to androgen receptors within the reproductive organs, prostate, liver, and hair.

Bodybuilders are expressing increasing interest in YK11, claiming it can help build muscle quickly and with relatively few side effects. However, this belief is not supported by science. Although it has more similarities to steroids than SARMs, the YK molecule is often referred to as a “non-steroidal” SARM.(2)

Preliminary cell studies have shown that YK11 can increase muscle mass and improve bone health.(3)

Although bodybuilders using YK11 have reported excellent results, including fat loss and muscle growth, YK11 has not been tested on animals and the safety profile of this drug is unknown. Research chemicals that have not been thoroughly studied are extremely dangerous.

The World Anti-Doping Agency has banned YK11 from professional sports along with all other steroids and SARMs.(4)

YK11 has not been tested on animals or humans. We provide user experiences to explain why some people take YK11 or to examine possible adverse side effects. This information cannot replace clinical research.

The hottest topic in the bodybuilding community is always new SARMs.

Some users claim that YK11 can significantly increase muscle mass in as little time as one week. These claims are skewed by the fact that different individuals take varying doses at different cycle lengths, or may stack YK11 with other drugs. Some users report no benefits.

Some claim that YK11 provides comparable results to other SARMs. If the results are indeed similar, many would prefer a SARM with more research backing it up than YK11.

Bodybuilders have used YK11 for both cutting and bulking. Some users report that it works well for both phases, by increasing lean muscle mass while burning fat.

However, these reports are entirely anecdotal. Since no human studies have yet been done, it is recommended that users exercise extreme caution since the safety and long-term effects or YK11 are uncertain. Using untested experimental compounds such as YK11 is very risky. We therefore cannot recommend using YK11 in any capacity.

How Does YK11 Work?

YK11 shares a similar chemical structure to DHT and it binds to androgens in a similar manner. DHT is a hormone that naturally occurs in the body and is essential for development during puberty, hair growth, and prostate health.

Various bodybuilding sources claim that YK11 is one of the most powerful SARMs available. Even so, research has shown that YK11 activates androgen receptors only partially. This limited activation only increases catabolic activity (muscle breakdown).

Recent cell research revealed that YK11’s unique mechanism for muscle growth is achieved by boosting follistatin levels. A naturally-occurring protein, follistatin inhibits myostatin, a protein that normally prevents muscles from growing too big. This is in contrast to other SARMs, which do not suppress myostatin.

According to other cellular studies, YK11 may also increase bone density by interacting with a DHT-like pathway. It is uncertain whether this action would be transferred to animals or humans.(5)


YK11 might increase muscle growth by blocking myostatin. This has not been confirmed by animal or human studies.

YK11 is also currently being studied for its potential to prevent bone fractures, particularly in the elderly. However, research has not yet even advanced into animal studies.

Muscle Growth

Cell-based research has shown that YK11 increases muscle mass by increasing follistatin and suppressing myostatin.

However, there has been no research into the effects of YK11 in animals or humans. Therefore, there’s little evidence to support the use of YK11 for any purpose.

Enhanced Bone Health

The health of your bones is affected in large part by sex hormones. YK11 might be able to attach to androgen receptors in bone tissue to enhance bone strength. This is similar to how SARMs and steroids work.

In one cell study, YK11 raised levels of activated protein kinase B (PKB) in cells. Activated PKB transmits signals to promote bone growth.

Like other SARMs, YK11 is being studied for its possible effects on bone health. This could make it useful for treating elderly individuals with diminished muscle and bone health.(6)

Risks and Side Effects

YK11 has thus far only been researched in cells, and even animal studies are not yet available. As such, there is no established clinical data on side effects.

One cell study showed that YK11 raised follistatin levels. Elevated follistatin can increase the potential for developing cancers of the the prostate, esophagus, stomach, and skin.(7, 8, 9, 10) However, a human study indicated that high levels of follistatin could prove beneficial in the treatment of breast cancer.(11)

YK11’s chemical structure is similar to other steroids which can be toxic to the liver. Therefore, YK11 could also have harmful effects on the liver.(12)

In theory, it could also affect hair growth, the vocal chords, prostate, and other organs.

The bodybuilding community has also reported some of the reported some side effects that are typically associated with steroid use, including:

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Fatigue
  • Aggressiveness
  • Hair loss
  • Joint pain
  • Acne

YK11 may possibly be toxic to the liver and cause mild testosterone suppression. Most bodybuilding forums and other sources suggest doing post-cycle therapy (PCT) after cycling with YK11. Nolvadex (tamoxifen), and Clomid (clomifene) are two common PCTs.


There is no known safe or effective dose of YK11, as no high-quality clinical trials has established one. According to anecdotal evidence, the most commonly used dosage is 10-15mg split into two daily doses.

Bodybuilders commonly use doses of 5-30 mg on 4-8 week cycles. For women, the dose is 0.5 – 2 mg daily. This information is not based upon any scientific data, since it is unavailable.

Most people take YK11 orally, but some inject it into their muscles.

Other users also report using a lower dosage of YK11 (generally 5-10mg per day) and stacking it with RAD140 or LGD-4033. It is dangerous to use even one unapproved investigational drug, but even more dangerous to use more. There is not enough information about these drugs’ safety profile, or how they interact with the body.

A Safer Alternative to YK11

YKBULK , a legal SARM alternative by the Brutal Force brand, is a natural alternative designed to imitate the effects of the YK11. This product delivers many of the same benefits to muscle mass, strength, and recovery as YK11 , but without any of the adverse effects or risks.

YKBULK was formulated to rival the effects of illegal anabolics, promoting the rapid growth of new lean muscle mass. When using this product you will notice increased muscle hardness, giving you a “cut and dry” look.

YKBULK also helps you to push more weight and to boost workout performance while also enhancing muscle recovery and reducing fatigue.

If you’re in the market for a safer and legal alternative to YK11 that delivers powerful effects with zero negative side effects, then YKBULK is your best option. For more information, visit the Brutal Force website.

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