HyperGH 14x: Growth Hormone Supplement System for SERIOUS Gains

HyperGH 14x

HyperGH 14x Review Highlights


HyperGH 14x pills and spray


  • Saw increases in muscle mass, fat loss, strength & stamina.
  • Experienced noticeable fat loss.
  • Improvements in mood, memory & focus.
  • Boosted energy levels and sex drive.
  • Effects not equivalent to HGH actual injections, however.


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The HyperGH 14X Challenge

It’s pretty much common knowledge that getting proper nutrition, good exercise, and quality sleep can do wonders for your overall health, at any age. Beyond that, if you really want to boost your body’s performance, as well as minimize the effects of aging, taking a quality HGH supplement is a great way to start.

The potential advantages to increasing HGH production are well-known, including things like increased muscle mass, faster recovery from injury and workouts, fat loss, improved mental function, and increased stamina, among others.

These supplements work not by introducing outside sources of HGH into the body, but by triggering the body to create more of it’s own growth hormone. Unfortunately, many of these products are poor performers, if not outright useless.

So I was naturally more than a little skeptical when I first learned about HyperGH 14x. Now, I’m no stranger to growth hormone supplements (or “HGH releasers”), and I’ve tested quite a few of them over the years.

But one of the first things about HyperGH 14x that stood out to me was it’s dual-action delivery method: it doesn’t just consist of one supplement, but two. It’s a complete system containing both supplement pills and an oral spray.

There’s arguments to be made about the effectiveness of HGH pills vs. sprays, but including both in one package definitely seemed like a good way to cover all the bases. So far, so good.

I’ll admit, the more I learned about HyperGH 14x, the more I was curious to try it. Not only because of the two-tiered form of supplementation, but because the ingredient profile seemed amazingly thorough.

Read on to see why HyperGH 14x is among our top picks as one of the best legal alternatives to costly HGH injections…

HyperGH 14x Ingredients

The ingredients found in both the HyperGH 14x pills and spray are some of the best I’ve seen in a legal product.

Virtually every ingredient known to science that’s been shown to increase HGH levels was thrown into these formulas. These ingredients combine synergistically to naturally stimulate the pituitary gland to increase the secretion of human growth hormone.

First, let’s take a look at what’s in the HyperGH 14x supplement pills. These pills contain a large amount of ingredients, including a wide variety of amino acids combined with several potent HGH precursors.

HyperGH 14x Ingredients and Side Effects

HyperGH 14x Pills

  • Colostrum: A type of milk produced by mammals during pregnancy, which contains the precursor to HGH, called  IGF-1. The colostrum in HyperGH 14x comes from cows and is virtually identical to human colostrum – except that it contains even more of the same benefits. Some of these benefits include increased muscle mass and bone density, an enhanced immune system, a faster rate of healing and recovery, and a deceleration of the aging process.
  • Deer Antler Velvet: Contains IGF-1, which regulates the production of HGH in the body and is tied to cellular and tissue regeneration necessary for growth and healing.
  • Bovine Pituitary Powder: Literally, powdered cow pituitary gland. It enhances your own pituitary gland’s function and increases growth hormone production. May also help to improve many issues associated with aging, like loss of muscle tone.
  • L-Arginine: Studies show that l-arginine can raise HGH levels by as much as 300%, including into advanced age. It also promotes fat loss, stamina, healthy immune function, healing and recovery, sexual performance, and more.
  • L-Tyrosine: L-Tyrosine is needed by the thyroid gland to produce thyroxine, which regulates growth, metabolic function, energy levels, and mood.
  • L-Glutamine: First poularized by  bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts looking to preserve muscle tissue and enhance physical performance, L-glutamine boosts energy and enhances brain function.
  • L-Ornithine: Twice as effective as L-arginine, which (as already noted) is considered to be a powerful booster to HGH production.
  • L-Lysine: Has been shown to boost L-arginine’s affect on HGH by up to 10 times! Also improves sexual function and strengthens immunity.
  • L-Valine: L-valine has a stimulating effect and is necessary for tissue growth and repair and muscle metabolism.
  • L-Glycine: A crucial triggering agent that encourages the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone! It also produces a calming effect on the brain and may even help promote good prostate health.
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract: Tribulus is well-known as a testosterone booster which works by increasing production of DHEA, a potent hormone that’s necessary for sexual function and a healthy libido, among other things.
  • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA): A powerful amino acid that encourages the production of HGH, and helps maintain the body’s internal clock (circadian rhythm). Increases a sense of well-being, speeds healing of injuries, improves exercise endurance, promotes fat loss, and increases lean muscle mass.
  • Astragalus Root Extract: Enhances metabolism and digestion, boosts immunity and reduces healing time. May also increase energy levels, and enhance lung and adrenal function.GTF Chromium: Helps to decrease blood glucose levels which elevates growth hormone production. Also aids in maintaining a healthy weight, boosting metabolism, raising energy levels, and reducing body fat.
  • Phosphatidyl Choline: Crucial for brain and liver function, phosphatidyl choline is an excellent emulsifier, improving the absorption of the other HyperGH 14x ingredients. Also diminishes body fat, and protects against memory loss, heart disease, gallstones, depression, atherosclerosis, neurological disorders, and liver conditions.

The HyperGH 14x oral spray also contains a potent blend of growth hormone precursors with other enhancing additives as well as additional amino acids.

HyperGH 14x Spray

  • Alpha GPC: Clinically proven to increase HGH levels and increase fat-burning, Alpha GPC can dramatically boost growth hormone production post workout, by as much as 4,100%!
  • Mucuna Pruriens: Also known as velvet bean, it contains a very powerful neurotransmitter precursor called L-Dopa. L-dopa converts to dopamine, which naturally increases HGH secretion, as well as the production of other hormones, such as testosterone, which leads to increased sex drive sexual performance (in both men and women), muscle growth, and fat loss.
  • Moomiyo Extract: Moomiyo Extract is a natural herb which has long been used by Russian athletes and by members of their space program, generally as a muscle growth and strength boosting supplement.
  • Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (OKG): A powerful precursor to amino acids (including l-glutamine and l-arginine) that increases the production of anabolic hormones – specifically, HGH. OKG has been shown to increase muscle mass and also to reduce the loss of muscle mass associated with aging.
  • L-Isoeucine: A key amino acid for building muscle, maintaining energy levels, and helping to regulate blood sugar.

The HyperGH 14x oral spray also contains additional amounts of ingredients found in the supplement pills: GABA, l-Aginine, l-Glutamine, l-Lysine, l-Valine, l-tyrosine and l-glycine.


How to Use HyperGH 14x

The HyperGH 14x pills and oral spray are designed to be taken twice per day.

For the pills, take two tablets in the morning, 15 minutes before your workout, to boost your exercise-induced growth hormone response (on non-workout days, just take it in the morning). Take your second dose of two tablets before bed, to help boost the HGH release associated with your circadian rhythm.

Likewise, the spray should be taken twice a day (3 sprays orally), one hour before meals. Hold the spray under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.

By combing the unique properties of these two delivery methods, you’ll notice greater benefits and more effective overall results than by just using either one by itself.

HyperGH 14x Side Effects

Unlike actual HGH injections, which come with a whole host of negative and potentially dangerous side effects, HyperGH 14x has no known side effects. Your body will be stimulated to produce more of it’s own growth hormone naturally, so there’s no downside to it’s use.

WARNING: If you participate in competitive sports, know that the ingredients in HyperGH 14x do not contain any banned substances. However, some ingredients could potentially create a false positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

One example would be the ingredient colostrum. According to the World Anti-Doping Agency, “Colostrum is not specifically prohibited, however it can contain certain quantities of IGF-1 and other growth factors which are prohibited and can influence the outcome of anti-doping tests. Therefore, WADA does not recommend the ingestion of this product.”

This could also apply to deer antler velvet and bovine pituitary extract as well. So if you are an athlete who’s regulated by a sports governing body, it’s important to keep this in mind.

My HyperGH 14X Results

Before trying out the HyperGH 14x supplement system for myself, I decided to wait a couple of weeks after receiving my order before starting the regimen. This allowed me enough time to cycle off of the supplements I was already taking so I could start off on a clean slate so as not to interfere with any of the results.

I followed the directions to the letter, and within only a few short days noticed a subtle, but definite change. My sleep was much better, I was more upbeat and working out felt… well, better. That’s the only way I can explain it.

These effects became even more noticeable over the next couple of weeks.

My workout sessions became much more productive, and I was eventually able to add an extra day to my weekly workout schedule because recovery time is much more manageable now. I also had a decrease in body fat, enough to get a noticeably more chiseled look than before.

Overall, I was looking good and feeling great. So much so that I ordered more, and will continue to cycle HyperGH 14x every three months.

This video below sums it up nicely, and only confirms my own experiences from using HyperGH 14x.


Where to Buy HyperGH 14x

A lot of guys ask me if you can buy HyperGH 14x at places like Amazon, GNC, Wal-Mart, etc. While it’s not available in retail stores, it can be found for purchase on various websites – however, I strongly recommend that you buy your HyperGH 14x ONLY from the official HyperGH 14x website .

There are a few of reasons for this: First, it’s an unfortunate reality that there are a large number of fake and fraudulent supplement knock-offs being sold around the internet, including HyperGH 14x. At best, they won’t work, and at worst, they could be hazardous to your health.

The second reason is that when you order directly from the manufacturer’s website, you’re covered by the 60-day warranty. If you’re not happy with your results, you just send back the empty containers for a full refund, minus the shipping.

Third, if you order from the manufacturer’s website you are eligible for huge price discounts that can’t be found anywhere else. This can make a big difference to the final price tag at checkout time.

And while the price may seem to be on the expensive side to some people, if you think about it that’s not the case at all. With the sheer amount of ingredients found in both the pills and oral spray, you would pay two or three times, or more, for the supplements individually.

Not to mention, compared to actual HGH injections, the price is minimal. Based on my results, it’s worth every penny.

Bottom Line: Does HyperGH 14x Work?

In a word: Absolutely.

At the end of the day I can only speak for myself, but for me the results were surprisingly good; in fact, it’s become one of my favorite go-to supplements that I keep in regular rotation. You’ll have a tough time finding a better all-natural alternative to HGH injections, and HyperGH 14x is heads and shoulders above the majority of the HGH releasers on the market today.

I know a lot of the guys on bodybuilding forums and whatnot give HGH supplements a bad rap, and honestly, I agree with them for the most part – but not with HyperGH 14x. Simply put: I’ve tried quite a few different HGH products, and this has got to be one of the best.

I’ve also seen where a few people who’ve tried HyperGH 14x didn’t experience the same results, for whatever reason. Maybe they didn’t follow the directions properly, maybe they stopped after a couple of weeks, or who knows.

What I DO know is that the ingredients in pills and oral spray have been shown to boost HGH production, and there’s plenty of research that corroborates this that you can look up for yourself. There’s little doubt that when taken as directed, most people should experience positive results.

And if you’re still not convinced, there’s always the 60-day money-back guarantee you can fall back on. So try it for yourself –  worst case scenario, you’ll only end up paying return shipping for the empty packaging.

For current price and additional information, visit HyperGH14x.com.

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Overall Rating

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HyperGH 14x


Builds Muscle Mass


Increases Energy


Improves Mental Function


Fat Loss


Sex Drive



  • Effectively helps increase lean muscle mass.
  • Promotes rapid fat loss.
  • Boosts strength, stamina & energy levels.
  • Improves mood, motivation, memory & focus.
  • Enhances libido and sexual function.
  • Speeds up healing and recovery rate.


  • Not available in stores.
  • Best results may take up to 3 months of continued use.
  • Not suitable for individuals under 18.
  • Results are not equal to actual HGH injections.
  • Not suitable for those with certain medical conditions.

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