What is DHT? Everything You Need to Know


What Is DHT?

Have you ever wondered what made you who you are?

Put another way, have you ever wondered what makes a guy… a guy?

Think of it this way: for men, a deeper voice, more hair and the rest of their equipment that differentiates them from the opposite sex, was aided in production in some way.

Enter , or .

DHT is an androgen steroid hormone responsible for the differentiation of male genitalia in life’s early stages, and during puberty it assists in the growth of facial and body hair.

It’s also been linked to hair growth, as well as baldness.

DHT is a much more potent androgen than testosterone (around 5 times more powerful), and about 5-10% of testosterone is converted to DHT.

DHT is also used as a medication known as Androstanolone or stanolone.

Used as an anabolic steroid and androgen, it’s used primarily to help men with low levels of testosterone.


From hair growth to increasing testosterone, DHT has many functions.

As already mentioned, this powerful androgen is responsible for the full development of the penis and scrotum during puberty, as well as contributing to the function of the prostate gland and seminal vesicles.

It is also responsible for the development and maintenance of the skin and hair follicles, and has been linked to hair loss (see below).

Normal Levels

The normal range for DHT in men varies greatly.

The normal range is 40 to 575 Nanogram/liter (ng/l).

To determine your levels, you will need to be tested individually.

Once you can get a better idea of what your DHT levels are and whether you are on the lower or higher end, you can then discuss treatment options with your doctor.

Medical Conditions Related to DHT


Gynecomastia and DHT

In men who have this condition, an increase of tissue in the breast area occurs due to a hormonal imbalance.

A topical gel version of Androstanalone has been used as a method of treatment for individuals with this condition.


One of the biggest ties to DHT and age is in the area of hair loss.

We’ll discuss this more later, but DHT does have an effect in your body as you age.

While it is normal for testosterone levels to decrease with age, DHT levels typically remain constant.

Performance Enhancement

While DHT is listed as a steroid, its limited anabolic properties do not make it a preferred use when it comes to improving strength and performance.

How much you will need will be based off of your own levels and DHT deficiencies.

Here’s a look at some numbers in the normal range.

Hair Loss and DHT


As men age, some will suffer the unfortunate ordeal of losing their hair.

DHT is linked to hair loss, making supplementation of DHT (or blocking it within your body), an interesting dilemma.

DHT is thought to produce male pattern baldness by interfering with the normal hair growth cycle of the scalp.

For reasons that are not exactly understood, when DHT attaches to hair follicle cells, nutrients are prevented from getting through.

Over time, this causes the hair follicles to shrink, which leads to thinner and shorter hairs.

Eventually, the scalp hair is reduced to fine vellus hairs, or “peach fuzz”.

While DHT is strongly linked to hair growth and hair loss, there still needs to be more testing done if you are specifically looking at DHT supplementation or medication as a result of hair loss.


When DHT is used as a medication, Androstanolone, the benefits are many.

However, you must remember that it is a controlled substance, so it is not easily obtained, unless prescribed from a Doctor.

Some of the benefits that many have received through Androstanolone treatment have been in the area of gynecomastia when used as a topical cream.

It has also been used to treat those with lower testosterone levels and even to assist in the growth of the penis for individuals who suffer from micro penis.

Taking a DHT-like supplement suggests other benefits, but these have yet to be evaluated and proven to be true.

If you plan on taking such supplements, please do your due diligence to research the product beforehand.

Bodybuilding DHT


Beyond treating hair loss, there are some who tout the value of DHT as a bodybuilding supplement.

As previously mentioned, the medical form of DHT known as Androstanolone, is a controlled substance, so it is not as easily obtained for those looking to use it for other reasons such as weightlifting or bodybuilding.

There are however, products that state benefits such as DHT production, but these have yet to be substantiated.

These DHT “like” products have a mixed review of studies that show differing results as far as actual DHT production, which make it more of a “take at your own risk” proposition.


When used as the medication Androstanolone, the dosage will vary.

You can use this as a topical cream or can get the injectable form.

However, this will need to be determined by a Doctor after consultation and testing.

In adult men who suffer from Gynecomastia, it is to be used as a topical 2.5% gel as instructed.

Please note that the dosage will vary from individual to individual when taking the medication form.

For dosages of DHT-like products, that will also vary from product to product.

Side Effects

When used as a medication, as in the case of Androstanolone, some of the side effects in men are things such as acne, hair growth, an increase in sexual desire and changes in voice.

One may also experience an increase in aggressiveness and problems with their cardiovascular system.

Please keep in mind that these may be experienced when using the medical form and administration of DHT.

If you plan on using a DHT supplement, then the side effects will vary from product to product, depending on what you plan on taking.

As each product will differ, you will need to do your research and due diligence on each one you plan on taking, to see how it may adversely affect you.


Use of actual DHT or Androstanolone can only be done through your Doctor.

There are very specific conditions that call for the use of it as either a topical gel or as an injectable form.

There are also those in the weightlifting and bodybuilding community who expound on DHT-like supplements and the gains that were had through their use.

If you plan on taking the former, then be sure to consult your Doctor.

If you plan on taking the latter, it’s always a good idea to consult a Doctor any way.

Regardless of your situation and your reasons behind wanting to take DHT, what can be agreed upon is the benefit it has for some medical conditions.

As with any supplementation or medication, do your homework and your due diligence before taking anything.

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