Winstrol – Usage, Benefits, and Side Effects

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Winstrol (Stanozolol) has long been considered by many to be the king-daddy of all steroids, and is one of the most commonly used steroids among bodybuilders to this day. ​Winstrol is an oral steroid commonly used as performance-enhancing drug and is banned from use in sports competition by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and many other sports-governing bodies.

Winstrol has been approved by the FDA for human use, but it is no longer marketed in the US. Winstrol has been discontinued for the most part, and remains legally available in only a few countries.

Winstrol Benefits

Winstrol’s primary benefit is to increase the numbers of red blood cells in order to supply more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. As is the case with any substance that increases the production and transportation of red blood cells, the result is an increased flow of oxygen throughout the body.

This increase in oxygen-carrying capacity can lead to enhanced physical performance, especially those activities involving high-intensity training or stamina- and endurance-based sports. Due to its ability to increase workout intensity while simultaneously minimizing the effects of muscle fatigue, bodybuilders will commonly cycle with winstrol at the beginning of a cutting phase, or at the end of the bulking phase.

Side Effects

Although side effects vary from individual to individual, common side effects from using winstrol include acne and skin conditions, liver damage, heart disease, high blood pressure, edema, and hair loss. Other side effects can include erectile dysfunction, testicular shrinkage, insomnia, poor immune function, and many more.

Although winstrol has long been popular in the bodybuilding community, with the potential side effects that can result from its use, one must seriously consider whether it’s worth the risk.

Legal Winstrol Alternatives

For those who want some of the same benefits that winstrol provides, but without the associated risks, legal steroid alternatives that come with without negative health effects would be a far better choice and something that should definitely be considered. Some of the better winstrol alternatives include:

Although these products don’t provide the exact same potent effects as actual anabolic steroids, they are currently still legal and safe to use. If you are considering using steroids, you should definitely think about trying out these products first.


Winstrol is a steroid drug that has been used by bodybuilders to help them gain muscle and lose fat. It’s also used for treating medical conditions like osteoporosis, anemia or AIDS-related weight loss.

Winstrol isn’t legal without a prescription in the United States so it might be hard to find someone who can sell you winstrol legally. Its use is also associated with several potentially dangerous side effects.

However, there are legal alternatives available for purchase online, so make sure you consider this option before trying this stuff out! You should never take any drugs without first consulting with your doctor.

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